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The Japanese Diaspora Initiative (JDI) aims to make the Hoover Institution Library & Archives a leading center for archive-based research and analysis on historical issues regarding Japan in core areas of interest to the institution: war, revolution, and peace. Funded by an anonymous $9 million gift—one of the largest in Library & Archives’ history—the initiative has begun by focusing on Japan’s modern diaspora, with particular attention to both Japanese Americans and other overseas Japanese communities, especially during the rise and fall of the Empire of Japan.


The Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection is currently the world’s largest online archive of open-access, full image Japanese American and other overseas Japanese newspapers in Asia and South America. Image content in this collection is accompanied by OCR-generated text where possible, thus rendering the text searchable. The holdings of each title are browsable by date, title, and publication place, with each title cross searchable with other titles on the platform. The nature of the newspapers varies significantly from community-focused to political or military propaganda depending on the political conditions and target readership.


The Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection is open to the public and does not require registration for viewing most of the titles. Some content is currently restricted to Stanford University users due to copyright agreement with the publishers. In addition, the collection is constantly evolving, adding more titles and missing issues and improving OCR texts. We encourage users to participate actively in OCR text correction. To contribute text corrections, please navigate to the newspaper title and issue and click on the ‘Correct this text’ in the left pane.

To date 228 titles and photo archives, comprising 1,131,478 images, have been made available in the online collection.

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