Sōkō Shinbun

Sōkō Shinbun / 桑港新聞 [The Soko Shimbun], (San Francisco, CA)

Sōkō Shinbun Masthead

The Sōkō Shinbun, first published by Hiromoto “Tensai” Fujii in 1906, became a popular Japanese paper in San Francisco for featuring innovative entertaining activities. Among others he was joined by Kichizō “Harusame” Nakamura, who later became a playwright in Japan. The paper, suffering from the financial crisis in 1909, changed hands. Fujii continued to work as a reporter until 1910; he later took over the management of the Rafu Mainichi based in Los Angeles. The Sōkō Shinbun became defunct in 1912. This title differs from another of the same title that was published in 1893–94.


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