Rokkī Nippon

Rokkī Nippon / ロッキー日本 [The Rocky Nippon], (Denver, CO)

Rokkī Nippon Masthead

The Rokkī Nippon was first published by the Japanese Publishing Company in Denver, Colorado in 1932 as a Buddhist paper, prominently featuring the activities of the Buddhist Church in the United States. Shirō Toda was the president and the editor. Initially publishing the Japanese section only, the Rokkī Nippon started the English section in October 1941. The newspaper was published triweekly from May 1942 to respond to increased readership after the Japanese American newspapers on the West Coast ceased to publish. The title was renamed to the Rokkī Shinpō (Rocky Shimpo) in 1943 after Shirō Toda was interned and the owner changed to his eldest daughter Tetsuko Toda.


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