Nyū Yōku Shinpō

Nyū Yōku Shinpō

Nyū Yōku Shinpō / 紐育新報 [The Japanese Times], (New York, NY)

Nyū Yōku Shinpō Masthead

The Nyū Yōku Shinpō was first published by Ken’ichi Kai and Tomihei Hayashi in 1911. In 1915 the management was under Masaharu Senbongi after Kai’s departure for Japan. One year later, in 1916, Senbogi also returned to Japan, leaving the management in the hands of Shōzō Mizutani, who turned the Nyū Yōku Shinpō from a weekly into a semiweekly paper. Although the paper became one of the two major Japanese newspapers in New York, it stopped publishing after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The readership of the paper differed from the West Coast and Hawaii because the Japanese community in New York was centered on Japanese businessmen, politicians, scholars, artists, socialists, and students with means or financial support.

The images in this collection were scanned with a plastic cover due to the fragile conditions of the original papers.

『紐育新報』は甲斐健一と林富平により1911年に発刊された。1915年に、甲斐が日本に帰国、経営者は千本木正治になった。翌1916年、千本木も帰国、水谷渉三に経営が移り、同紙は週一回発行から週二回になった。ニューヨークの二大日本語新聞になったが、真珠湾攻撃後、廃刊になった。ニューヨークの日本人社会は日本のビジネスマン、政治家、学者、芸術家、社会主義者、資力や資金援助のある学生を中心とし、 西海岸やハワイの読者層とは異なった。


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