Jitsugyō no Hawai

Jitsugyō no Hawai / 實業之布哇 [The Jitsugyo no Hawaii], (Honolulu, HI)

Jitsugyō no Hawai Masthead

The Jitsugyō no Hawai, a monthly industrial magazine, was first published by Tōyama Sadako and edited by her husband Tetsuo Tōyama in 1911. The quality was respected and the magazine was popular, receiving articles contributed by many prominent Japanese leaders in Hawaii. The magazine featured specific practical articles related to farming and conducting business in Hawaii and its industrial conditions. The Jitsugyō no Hawai also featured articles on political, economic, and social issues at that time and published a special issue welcoming the Japanese navy to Hawaii in 1929. Tetsuo Tōyama was interned during World War II.


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