Hokubei Kyōhō

Hokubei Kyōhō / 北米教報 [The North American Christian Advocate], (Seattle, WA)

Hokubei Kyōhō Masthead

The Hokubei Kyōhō was a Japanese paper put out by the Methodist Church in Seattle. It was first published ca. 1909 by Pastor Seimei Yoshioka, who later returned to Japan to play a significant role as a Christian leader and educator.


Ebihara, Hachirō 蛯原八郎. 1936. Kaigai hōji shinbun zasshishi : furoku, Kaigai hōjin gaiji shinbun zasshishi 海外邦字新聞雜誌史 ; 附錄. 海外邦人外字新聞雜誌史. Tōkyō 東京: Gakuji Shoin 學而書院.

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