Daijūkyūseiki / 第十九世紀 [The Nineteenth Century], (San Francisco, CA)

Daijūkyūseiki Masthead

The Daijūkyūseiki (The Nineteenth Century) was the first paper of Nihonjin Aikoku Yūshi Dōmei (later renamed Nihonjin Aikoku Dōmei, Japanese Patriotic League), an organization formed by a group of young Japanese men in San Francisco in 1888. The paper, broadly considered part of the Jiyū Minken Undō (Freedom and People’s Rights Movement), expressed political opinions and aimed to promote democracy in Japan. The Daijūkyūseiki increasingly reported political events and social development in the United States and other countries relevant to the Japanese. The league managed to publish the weekly paper for almost two years, despite the Meiji government’s censorship, but was eventually forced to cease the publication on November 22, 1889, after distribution in Japan was banished. The paper was continued by the Jiyū (The Liberty).

『第十九世紀』は1888年サンフランシスコ在住の日本人青年により結成された日本人愛国有志同盟(後に日本人愛国同盟に改名)の初代機関紙である。自由民権運動の流れを組み、政論の発表、日本の民主主義化を要求した。『第十九世紀』は日本人に関連のある米国や他の諸国での政治、社会上の出来事も次第に掲載するようになった。明治政府の検閲にもかかわらず、 ほぼ2年間、週刊発行されたが、日本での配布禁止後、1889年11月22日発行号で幕を閉じた。後継紙は『自由』である。

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The headline transcript in the left pane was contributed from the Yasuo Sakata papers, Hoover Institution Archives.