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Shikago Shinpō / シカゴ新報 [The Chicago Shimpo], (Chicago, IL)

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The Chicago Shimpo was first published by Ryōichi Fujii on November 15, 1945. He recognized the need to keep informed the estimated 20,000 to 30,000 Nikkei residents who resettled in Chicago after the incarceration camps on daily affairs in Chicago, conditions in Japan, and Nikkei activities in the Chicago area. The early Chicago Shimpo reported on fundraising activities for war-torn Japan and Nikkei efforts to be assimilated into the American society at large, among other things. From the late 1950s, more articles were published on the arrival of Japanese trading houses and banks in Chicago and U.S.-Japan trade. Yoshiko Urayama became the seventh president on January 1, 2000, after Ryōichi Fujii, Raikaku Nakagawa, Thomas Shinao Masuda, Kōhachirō Sugimoto, Frank Takeo Sugano, and Akiko Sugano. The Chicago Shimpo continues to publish, and it has remained the only Japanese-English bilingual newspaper in the Midwest.


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