Amerika Shinbun

Amerika Shinbun / アメリカ新聞 [The America Shimbun], (San Francisco, CA)

Amerika Shinbun Masthead

The Amerika Shinbun was a Japanese and English paper first published in San Francisco on May 29, 1957, most likely on a weekly basis. The editor and the publisher was Shigeki Oka, a former journalist of the Yorozu Chōhō in Tokyo and Heimin in San Francisco—both socialist papers. Oka, nearing the age of 80 at the time of publishing the first issue of the Amerika Shinbun, wrote the mission of the weekly paper was to report “the truth” to Japanese compatriots in America and contribute to the Japanese culture overseas. As such, the newspaper issues available feature a mixed bag of cultural and historical articles and editorials. Oka also ran a printing business called Kinmon Insatsusho. His long-term socialist circle included Shūsui Kōtoku, Sen Katayama, and Karl Yoneda.



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“「Aka」no dan’atsu!! Masumasu mōzen to naru 「赤」の弾圧!!益々猛然となる” Shin Sekai (San Francisco, CA) August 5, 1934.

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